2020 Schedule

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10:15 am – 11 am in the 1st Floor Auditorium

How to Talk About Your Work

Learn the ins and outs of not just producing work but talking to others about it. Whether you’re in person or online, selling yourself and your work is an art in and of itself.

Panelists: Ellen Natalie, Inyez Soniat, Eliamaria Madrid Crawford

10:15 am – 11 am in Panel Room 2

How to Cosplay

Getting into cosplay can be intimidating. Get tips and tricks about how to put together a costume inspired by your favorite characters.

Panelists: Charlotte Dolan, Rebecca Cooper, Brittany Walker

11:15 am – 12 pm in the 1st Floor Auditorium

Cultural Impact and Diversity in Art

What role do culture and diversity play in art and the world of creative business? Join our panelists for a discussion about intersectionality in creative pursuits.

Panelists: Anna Alexanian, Jasmine Willis, Candace Ford, Carol Ann Bamberger, Dianita Ceron

11:15 am – 12 pm in Panel Room 2

Dealing with a Day Job

A lot of people pursue their creative jobs in addition to working a full time gig. Learn how our panelists balance having a full time job and letting their inner creative magic out.

Panelists: Maysa Sem, Hannah Fraser, Eliamaria Madrid Crawford

12:15 – 1 pm in the 1st Floor Auditorium


Panelist: Lisa Umbarger

1:15 – 2 pm in the 1st Floor Auditorium

Talk Nerdy to Me

Get your geek on! Hang out with Lisa and Kellie to hear about their favorite nerdy things and share your own. A chill session that’s a great mid-day breather.

Panelists: Lisa Umbarger, Kellie Hodnett

2:15 – 3 pm in the 1st Floor Auditorium

Women in Music

Women rock. This panel of musical women proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Panelists: Lisa Umbarger, High Moons, Girls Rock Dallas

2:15 – 3 pm in Panel Room 2

Balancing Time as a Creative and a Parent

Creating is hard. Creating people is hard. Creating while raising those people? Well, let’s talk about that.

Panelists: Alexandra Perez, Beth Howard, Katheryn Crenshaw, Jasmine Willis

3:15 am – 4 pm in the 1st Floor Auditorium

Women in Comics

Join our panel of experienced artists to learn more about how they make a niche for themselves in the difficult field of comics be they print or web. 

Panelists: Anna Alexanian, Eliamaria Madrid Crawford, Kristin Finley, Ellen Natalie, Candace Ford

3:15 – 4 pm in Panel Room 2

What Makes an Artist

There are a million different ways to be creative, so what makes someone an artist? Our panelists share their thoughts on the inner workings of artists and what pushes someone toward creativity.

Panelists: Gabrielle Musgrave, Jennifer Nesrsta, Carol Ann Bamberger

4:30 pm Outside the Library

Magic Users Photoshoot

Get together and share the creative magic! We’re hosting a group photoshoot for anyone dressed as a magic user – yes, all genders. Cosplay, crossplay, and original characters are welcome. We’re in this for fun and unity and to show how strong and beautiful the Women of Wonder Con community is. Close out the con on a high note, and be sure to invite your friends!