We are looking for donations of food, giveaways, or financial support for the event. Want to be a sponsor? Contact us or look below the list of our current sponsors for more information. We would love to know what you can do for us and what we can do to help promote you too.

Dallas Public Library
Our thanks go out to our primary sponsor, the Dallas Public Library. We have been partnering with the library for three years now, and they have been an amazing help in growing and promoting this event.

Dusk Comics
Dusk Comics
Haas Productions
Wilde Designs
Wilde Designs

Be a Sponsor

Women of Wonder Con exists to support women in creative industries of all types and to encourage new generations to follow in their footsteps. Women of Wonder con is a FREE event that offers opportunities for networking and education while encouraging women and girls as they navigate challenges in creative fields.

We have taken the concept of a “Comic Con” and taken it to the next level to make an event that helps connect female creators and artists to be able to thrive in their chosen fields. Women of Wonder Con presents guest speakers, workshops, panels, and vendors in our Creative Corner that empower women to create and make bold moves toward their futures.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us directly for more information.

Sponsorship Levels

Print Sponsorship 

We are looking for a sponsor to help cover our printing needs for the event. In trade for listing you as a sponsor on our site and on printed items, you will cover the costs for printing our signage, badges, programs, flyers, and posters. Our printing costs generally run $120, but we are happy to work with sponsors to print through their preferred or in house vendors to lower cost.

Social Media Sponsorship

In trade for sponsoring a social media ad campaign, we would create a specific ad focusing on WOW Con and your organization’s sponsorship for the year. In addition, you would be noted as a sponsor on our site and on print pieces. Typical social media ad budgets are $50 and $100 for this sponsorship level.

Green Room Sponsorship

All our guests and volunteers are donating their time, so we try to provide them with food, snacks, and beverages throughout the day as a thank you for their hard work. The budget for food is usually around $150. For your sponsorship you would get mentioned as a sponsor on our site and in print and we would have additional signage in the green room noting your donation. Additionally you can sponsor at this level by purchasing food and snacks directly if you prefer. Contact us to work out the details.

Guest Sponsorship

If your organization has someone or is associated with an individual that would be a great guest for Women of Wonder Convention, we welcome you to sponsor their appearance at our event. In trade for covering their travel, food, and per diem, we would mention you as a sponsor for the show and for the guest in particular for all online and print media. Depending on your needs, we can also accommodate a table in the Creative Corner for the guest.

Office Supplies Sponsorship

The costs of pens, badge holders, lanyards, tape, and other supplies adds up quickly, and we kindly appreciate any assistance to cover that cost. Typical annual supply costs run roughly $50 to $100. In trade for sponsoring our supplies, you would be mentioned as a sponsor on our site and print pieces. Additionally you can sponsor at this level by purchasing supplies directly if you prefer. Contact us to work out the details.

Guest Gift Bag Sponsorship

You can help donate items or funds to help build gift bags as a thank you for the guests and artists for donating their time and experience. In trade you will be mentioned as a sponsor on our site and print pieces. You may also provide a special note, promo, or business cards for the gift bags. Donations for this sponsorship can be $50 or unique items from your organization.